Driven by customer service and upheld by reputation, SEE THE TRAINER® is an orthopedic, sports medicine facility dedicated to keeping a diverse population functioning through a variety of bracing and support products.

SEE THE TRAINER® offers a full line of in-stock bracing, home health and rehabilitation products. Whether your pain results from a chronic condition or an acute injury, we are dedicated to improving your quality of life. Our knowledgeable staff will do its best assisting you in selecting the appropriate product to best fit your needs.

With in-stock products for orthopedic, sports medicine, rehabilitation, home health and patient education..... SEE THE TRAINER® has got you covered.

SHIN SPLINTS: What are these anyhow?

A "shin splint" is a catchall term used by coaches, trainer, and some physicians to describe an aching pain on the front of the lower leg. Shin splints occur most frequently to runners and running backs, but almost any running athlete is a candidate for ...Read More
ComfortTrac Cervical Product
Creative design and expert engineering has helped ComforTrac produce the industry’s most state of the art traction devices. Our devices are not only easy to use, they provide safe, comfortable and highly effective traction.

  • ...Read More
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